Omar Dubrosky

Born in Rosario; Argentina. He graduated from the National Music Academy. With 17 years he puts together his first band and he plays in other Argentinian rock bands. With 21 years Omar leaves his country and moves to Barcelona.

There he dedicates himself more to the traditional Argentinian music ( Tango,Folklore ), playng with several singers like Rio Palacios ,etc. He also gets involved with Brasilian music , having shows in many theaters And clubs all along the costa brava.

Once in Berlin he forms,together with the percussionist Topo Gioia,the bands Ipanema and Camalote ( Latin,Jazz,Rock ) For many years he has performances in television;theaters and clubs of Berlin,including in his repertoire now also the avantgarde tango (Piazzola,etc).

Today Omar is involved in many projets of the music scene of Berlin